The printed copies of the Master's theses of Aalto University and its predecessors are permanently preserved in the Learning Centre Archive at Otaniemi. The metadata refers to the thesis-related data saved when submitting the thesis to the archive, including the name of the master’s thesis, language of the thesis, keywords, and thesis advisor. You can start by browsing the collection or by searching it with the search box on the right.

In the programme, a Team of 2-4 students from different Aalto schools is formed to jointly solve a multidimensional Challenge given by a real work-life Partner.

As Aalto community, we will do our utmost to help in the midst of the crisis. Aalto University has six schools with nearly 11 000 students and nearly 400 professors. The advisor’s tasks include giving advice on practical work during the thesis project, as well as instructing on writing the thesis report; however, the advisor is not responsible of grading the master’s thesis. Aalto helps. The thesis advisor may also be an Aalto University researcher or doctoral student specialising in the field of the thesis. If the student has given their permission to publish the full-text of the thesis on eAge, the whole text will be published in the open network of Aaltodoc publication archive. Read more about the service.

[Thesis] Dynamics and vortex structures in topological superfluid 3 He at ultra-low temperatures and under confinement, Aalto University, School of Science, Department of Applied Physics (2019). Also, you need to have your thesis supervisor's permission to apply for Aalto Thesis. On this page, we are gathering information about initiatives and projects related to the coronavirus pandemic that are currently underway at Aalto University. All approved Aalto University master’s theses and their metadata are stored in the Aaltodoc publication archive.

Master’s thesis position in semiconductor and nanomaterial modelling [URL] Singh, S. [Thesis] Statistics of rare events in single-electron devices, Aalto University, School of Science, Department of Applied Physics (2019).

Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering invites applications for. Mäkinen, J. The details of the thesis will appear on Aalto University Aaltodoc publication archive ( Full-text of thesis will be available in pdf-file if the author has given her/his permission.

Some of the master's theses are available only in printed form. Aaltodoc publication archive consists of full text materials produced in the university, such as theses, journal articles, conference publications and research materials produced by the schools of Aalto University.

Student selection for the programme will be based on the academic criteria (study grades, efficiency, and interests) as well as the motivation and aptitude (interests, skills, and experience) for each project.

Our society faces a huge challenge caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. Our campus is located in Espoo, Finland. Log in to MyCourses and enrolls to the workspace. Aalto Thesis is a project-based and multidisciplinary programme for making the Master’s thesis in work-life collaboration.