Definition of railway station A railway station is defined as any place on a railway line where traffic is booked and dealt with and where an Authority to Proceed is given to the train. An internet case study on Santiago Callatravas Liege Guillemins Railway Station, Belgium to give an idea of a station that fulfils international standards.

Case study of Turbhe railway station located at the suburbs of Mumbai and Madurai junction ,to get a clear understanding of what a railway station should be according to Indian standards.

Since then the railway station has been seen improve due to the changes of technology and introduction of power. (Research on Station Development) with major focus towards redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station into a World Class transportation hub. The world’s first railway station was the mount on the Oystermouth railway in Wales which carried mostly passengers although the major means used was on horse on the locomotives. In some stations, only one of these functions is carried out and accordingly these are classified as flag station or block station. The impact of railway station redevelopment in the urban cores of China's cities is an important and worthy research question in the present context because of a China-wide program of station replacement and system upgrading.