Restoration and rebuilding took place in the 20th century and in 1987 the Great Wall of China was made a World Heritage Site. It is easily one of the largest architectural achievements in mankind’s history. Estimates of its length vary from 1,500 to 5,000 miles, but an archaeological survey carried out in 2012 by China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage suggested the wall is more than double than that length: some 13,000 miles – or 21,000km – long… The Great Wall of China is probably the most iconic historical landmark in China. The Great Wall of China. Through Western contact with China from the 17th through 20th centuries, the legend of the Great Wall of China grew along with tourism to the wall. T. he very first email in China was sent in September 1987 – 16 years after Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in the US.

The earliest record of the Great Wall dates back to 656 BC, and many Emperors in successive dynasties had the Great Wall renovated or extended. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Great Wall of China.

More than two hundred years ago, … The wall stretches for more than 20,000 kilometres, roughly from east to west, along the northern regions of the country. Today, a portion of the Great Wall of China, about 50 miles (80 km) from Beijing, receives thousands of tourists each day. The on-going “Great” Trump Wall meets the Great Wall of China at the us-vs-them frontier and the we/they divide.

All the latest breaking news on Great Wall of China. … "Love China, Restore the Great Wall," he declared in 1984, initiating a repair and reconstruction campaign along the wall north of Beijing. The Great Wall of China is an ancient series of walls and fortifications located in northern China, built around 500 years ago.