He gave these boys a sense of hope in life that no one ever gave them. 12/05/17 Film Studies Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Positive Representation Of Coach Carter. Coach Carter is based on a true story in which Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Ken Carter. 1611 words (6 pages) Essay in Film Studies. Coach Ken Carter has strong  Coach Carter wasn’t your average coach. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. In Coach Carter , Ken Carter's vision was to give the team a better future away from crime.He emphasis's the fact that he's had first hand experience with troubled youths as he mentions most of his teammates in high school ended up either in prison or dead. The book has sold over 3 million copies.

It is loaded with true life examples of choosing right over wrong and living a good life the way God wants us to. He is offered a job to coach the basketball team at his former high school, Richmond High, where he was one of the best athletes to ever attend a secondary education there. Discussion Guide: Coach Carter. Responsibility is another thing that a team needs to take.

The movie is about an inner-city high school basketball team made up with a bunch of tough guy troub If you know how to respect yourself, you can respect others too. Coach Carter Morality essays The movie " Coach Carter" is all about morals.

Leaders always have a vision.

Leadership in movies (Coach Carter) The story of Ken Carter, who returns to coach basketball at his former school, is based on true events. Coach Carter, based on a true story, follows the life of Ken Carter, who returns to his high school in the underprivileged community of Richmond, California to coach high school basketball.

Rather than simply improving the team’s results, Carter truly believes he can improve his students’ lives. The movie has made approximately 42 million dollars as a movie. The film, “Coach Carter” is inspired by the true story of a high school basketball coach, Ken Carter with a mission to restructure an unaccomplished team into one of achievers. The film includes themes of coaching your own child, discipline techniques of coaches, how to be a student-athlete, making The responsibility of being good in sports without failing in Academics is a hard task that Carter …

Coach Carter teaches his players that discipline starts with self-respect.

He was also a teacher and mentor for these young boys. Coach Carter, which won 3 awards and received 10 nominations for best director, lead actor, and best female breakthrough performance, was an incredible, tale that extremely touched the audience’s emotions to feel as though the victims and heroes of the story were of our own kinsfolk. You can view samples of …