Here are a few reasons why they’re right, just in case it’s not achingly obvious.

That would prove to adminastraters it is safe to let teachers carry guns …

I believe there are reasonable steps that should be taken to limit access to guns, but that is not the point of this essay. If guns are not allowed on campus, teachers have to leave them at home or in their car.

Teachers often need to protect themselves as they commute to and from school.

Teachers should be armed for reasons beyond school violence. Teachers should be able to carry a gun in school in order to help protect their students against an armed intruder. 4. An issue in the media is whether or not teachers should carry guns in schools. Angie Gallo, the state PTA’s legislation chair, said only law enforcement should carry guns on campus.

Many schools have done it so why don't all schools carry weapons. These options offer no protection for them. I offer three reasons why. Third, the most cost-effective and easy option to manage is to allow school staff to volunteer to be trained to carry concealed firearms while working. It creates a situation where teachers could be forced to carry a gun.

Each tactic offers a degree of protection, even if it is not 100 percent.

“Teachers need to teach,” Gallo said. Also the teachers would more than likely have to be trained. The majority of our members don’t want to be armed — they know it would be impractical and dangerous,” union spokeswoman Joni Branch said. Why Teachers Shouldn't Carry Guns This morning, the NRA proposed that teachers carry lethal weapons to make schools safe learning environments for … Without the fire arms lots of people and children will be killed. Teachers have the responsibility of teaching their students and protecting them during school hours. “Teachers should not be acting as armed security guards. Of course teachers should carry guns. Even those who support the idea of arming teachers say that any thought of forcing an individual to carry a gun should be off of the table. Even off-duty police officers and school resource officials have experienced this issue. Three Reasons Why Guns in Schools Are a Bad Idea for Kids.

... 2013 by a South Dakota law that will allow trained teachers to carry weapons at schools.